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Insights Adventure Travel




We can help - just ask away

Help! - I've looked at the website & can't find what I'm looking for


Maybe you like the itinerary of a small group adventure but would prefer to do it as a self-drive or you'd prefer a few extra days in one place and less in another?


All the itineraries on the Insights Adventure Travel website can be tailored to you and we can work together to create a personalised itinerary from scratch.


Use the button below to get in touch and tell us what you're looking for and we'll start to build your adventure with no obligation.


Do I need a visa?


Many countries around the world require a tourist visa as a condition of entry or even to transit through an airport. Turning up at the airport without one can result in you being refused entry.

Always check the visa requirements of countries and make sure you have the correct documentation before you travel. Information regarding visas can be found on the UK government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office website www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice. Insights are able to provide general information on visa requirements but the final responsibility lies with the traveller.

Botswana Tourism Development Levy - On the 1st June 2017 the Botswana government introduced a US$30 levy for all tourists from outside the SADC (South African Development community) which is payable on arrival in Botswana at all ports of entry and border crossings. Payment must be made in USD and issued for a period of 30 days and allows multiple entries into the country during that period.

The objective of the Levy is to raise funds for conservation and national tourism development in order to support the growth of the industry and broaden the tourism base, resultantly improving the lives of the people of Botswana.

Will I need vaccinations or malaria medication?


Many of the destinations to which Insights organises travel will require prophylactics to guard against Malaria and vaccinations to protect travellers from diseases such as Typhoid, Hepatitis and Rabies. As advice on this subject can change over time and alter dependent on medical history we are not able to advise on this subject.


To get a general idea of medical advice for individual countries travelhealthpro.org.uk is an NHS recommended resource.


Travellers should ideally arrange an appointment with their health professional at least four to six weeks before travel. However, even if time is short, an appointment is still worthwhile. This appointment provides an opportunity to assess health risks taking into account a number of factors including destination, medical history, and planned activities. For those with pre-existing health problems, an earlier appointment is recommended.


Do I need travel insurance?

While travel insurance is not a legal requirement, Insights strongly recommends that our clients do not travel without it. Travel insurance can be obtained from numerous reputable providers and can cover everything from your personal possessions and health to cancellation and curtailment of your trip, all of which can have much more long-term financial ramifications than the cost of the policy.

What are the Insights Adventure Travel booking conditions

All our bookings are subject to terms and conditions and while we agree that they are the least interesting thing on our entire website they are also one of the most important. The Terms & Conditions explain everything from how much of a deposit you need to pay to what happens if you have to cancel your trip.


It's a lot to go through so we've given the Terms & Conditions their very own page.

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